Please make sure to complete the requirement steps first in order to build the project!

Run npm install from within the project root to bootstrap the project and install all dependencies.

Continuous integration builds are running at Travis CI and Circle CI.

Optimized CSS Module

The Nord CSS module can be processed with the fast and efficient CSS optimizer clean-css. The cleaned and minified Nord CSS module will be output as build/nord.css.

npm run optimize:css


To start a distribution build run

npm run dist


This documentation can be build by runnning

npm run docs:build

from within the project root to bootstrap the build toolchain and install all dependencies. The output will be placed in build/docs.

To start the local hot reload server with browser live reload, using the default port 4000, run

npm run docs:dev


Nord Sass sources are documented with SassDoc. A static HTML documentation can be compiled by running

npm run sassdoc

The output will be placed in build/sassdoc.


The Nord Less and Stylus sources are documented using the KSS documentation syntax.

Information about the generation of a styleguide can be found in the official KSS documentation.

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